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    I just had a rather unpleasant conversation with a lawyer who told me what my husband had put on the e divorce papers was “irrelevant” I said, “Well it’s not irrelevant to me” And he said If you want to come and see me I charge $390 an hour but you’d be wasting your money” He also said that I should have applied for child support 2 years ago and I probably won’t get it now. So I am being penalized for coping by myself for 2 years.

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    Today Kimberlee Sweeney, Divorce Coach, told me that what that lawyer told me isn’t true. It is never too late to claim child support.
    I know nobody is probably reading this but I feel pretty terrible right now. I am waiting for a lawyer to call me back. Earlier today I was trying to work out with Kimberlee what my ex had served me with and what had I signed for and why I had 21 days to respond and it is all getting too much for me. I just tried to tackle the Ministry of Justice website and started hyperventilating and chest tightening. Right I’ll stop talking now and do something relaxing.

    Danny de HekDanny de Hek
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    I am reading this 😉

    txt me anytime you need to txt chat that is what I am here for! 021 961 652

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    Just to clarify Judith’s quote of me above, I was meaning in relation to her situation with her aged child, via IRD.
    anything over and above IRD child support payments must be negotiated via your lawyers/barristers/mediators.

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    Child support is an entitlement for the primary carer but can be used as a weapon to exploit the parent that only has limited visits with the children, its used by the wellfare to share the expenses. It often is not used directly for the childrens benefit. It also limits what the access parent can do to assist with the day to day care. Its better to negociate a private arrangement where both parents can work in the childrens best interests.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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