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    UNRESOLVED CONFLICT harms children. When parents are cooperating together for their children’s needs, almost any schedule will work. Schedules which work well for children whose parents cooperate together do not automatically work well for children whose parents cannot agree. Children become very stressed and get stuck in the middle of conflict whenever parents:
    A) ask children to give messages to the other parent, or
    B) ask children about the personal life of the other parent, or
    C) criticize or cut down the other parent to the children, or
    D) are hurt or jealous when children enjoy or miss the other parent, or
    E) discuss with children their problems and hurts from the marriage, or
    F) treat the other parent with hostility and threats around the children.

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    hi there,
    my wife does all of those things A-F, even though we have been separated since March this year. what can i do?

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